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The AI in Business Summit shall be held once again, this time at the Gozo Innovation Hub in Xewkija on the 6th of November 2019. International speakers from different backgrounds shall explain how technology and AI have helped and continue to help businesses flourish and succeed. The agenda also includes a number of panel discussions. Members are invited to attend the conference and network at the business networking coffee breaks and the business networking reception, which shall follow the conference at 15:30.

The AI in Business Summit is in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo, Ministry of Tourism and Malta Industrial Parks. The event is also supported by the Ministry for Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, the Gozo Chamber of Commerce, GRTU and Digital Health Malta.


Gozo Innovation Hub,
Xewkija, Gozo


6th November 2019

AI is revolutionising business worldwide

It’s no wonder that Kevin Kelly, founding executive editor of Wired magazine, said that the “business plans of the next 10,000 startups are easy to forecast: take X and add AI”. There is now virtually no sector that is not being disrupted by the advanced data analytics and insights that AI technologies allow. Financial services, logistics, transport, human resources, telecoms, health… AI is already here and radically changing how these industries operate. What about your business?

Don’t get left behind

The world of AI is moving fast. Global revenues from AI for business applications is projected to grow from $1.62 billion in 2018 to $31.2 billion in 2025. According to Forbes, more than 8 in 10 businesses believe investing in AI will lead to greater competitive advantages, while almost two-thirds believe the pressure to reduce costs will require the use of AI. What can you do to make the most of these technologies?

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